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In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

Alhamdulillah3x… Allah still gave me the chance to wake up… AllahuRobbi…

This month rasa pelik sangat.. maybe because ramai yang bertanya, or maybe becoz of the season.. so I ask myself.. why all of sudden change of mood? wierd giler.. is it becoz:
·       *  majority of my friends are married?
·         *My own brother has a girlfriend n he stuck with his phone all da time?!
·         *I m getting older????
·         *I met some guys which obviously didn’t make any move??
·         *AM I DAT DESPRATE????
(all of the above just an assumption..heee)

Baru-baru ni ada layan cerita ‘how I met your mother’ n ada dis one scene which makes me realize something… “we should wait for the rite person and don’t waste ur time with the ones u think is not rite for u. n u will be grateful everyday becoz u didn’t make dat mistake”.

Ustazah Fatimah Syarha pun pernah sentuh bab ni, “what kind of love story dat u want to create?” love story macam boyz over flower? Macam cerita romeo and juliett? Macam cerita ombak rindu? Semua romantic kan???

Especialy when u watch ur favourite drama or film such as twilight , harry potter, how to loose a guy in 10 days…dis kind of story akan buat kita create fantasi cinta kita sendiri.. betul kan?

Dulu after SPM, I was so attached with dis japan series: Hanazakari no kimitachi.. I think dat was da title. I even wanted to dress up like da heroin n I hope my love story will be like hers.. 

But hear me out all da single ladies out there, please don’t refer ur love story by dis kind of drama scene.  Maybe its perfect pd pandangan society, but sadly not by Allah.  Is like when u make a fake passport. Maybe from da first step untuk check in xde masalah, boarding step pun ok, but lastly when u have reach da destination, u still cannot go through because of da fake passport. Same goes to ur love story.. pada pandangan kawan2 semua alright je, pada pandangan parents pun 50-50, n lastly bila nak bawa cinta tu ke syurga dah disekat malaikat Ridhuan. Sebab apa? Sebab love story yang kita create tu is non-halal.. so macam mana nak bercinta sampai ke syurga? Masuk syurga pun x lepas…

It make myself think too. Tipulah if I said that I never wanted to be like in Korean love series.. romantic kan? But make it halal first la.. lagi romantic time tu. In sha Allah if there is a jodoh, tetap ada.. x didunia, di syurga nanti. Have faith in HIM