assalamualaikum to all my loveable viewers!!!

thank you for stopping by
and i hope that i will still get the viewers support
please comment if there's any improvement that i should make!

when Allah is the reason 4 u to live...
so there is no reason for u to quit

dont forget to pray tonight
because Allah never forgot to wake u up every morning

islamic bloggers can be great too!

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful...

alhamdulillah,alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah....

thank you Allah 4 all da blessing.. n TQVM 4 da viewers bcoz still waiting for my next post.. im sorry 4 da delaying.. insyaAllah i will boost up myself in making this blog 'happening' n meaningful as always. mohon doanyer^-^

ok, recently, i just watched 'Istanbul aku datang'... n i really3x like dat film. but based on islamic point of view obviously banyak error!! but i love da way how da film is kind of like cool american teenage film where da music, da scene, da clothes, da charcter of da film is juz rite. i also admire Lisa Surihani's character which she plays da role as 'Dian' or 'Diyan'..whatever... what i like about Diyan is she is an active blogger n has her own followers which always3x following her.

so it makes me realize something, if she can express her daily thoughts n expression in her 'blog diary', i think dakwah also can do da same thing. betul x? dakwah is more universe.. n boleh dikongsi with other muslims in da whole wide world..

so note to self: dakwah through blog! n i mean it! to other bloggers, lets mobilize our post through da Islamic way.

ok, dats all 4 now.. time 4 class.. last but not least; mohon doa ye semua^_^