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when Allah is the reason 4 u to live...
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after study... then what?

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

alhamdulillah3x... after a long vacation from blogging, finally dengan izinNya I am typing for my next entry. whether people read it or not, it doesn't matter. as long as i hve never stop trying. 2 thumbs up!

alhamdulillah3x... i just finished my degree and it feels amazing. rasa free sangat (even though still kna praktikal) but still, it feels great. i can continue all da stuff i postpone bcoz im a 'focus on one thing at a time' type of a person. susahkan? but dats me.. i have to deal with it.

dah struggle with final exams, assignments, presentation n lots n lots n lots of homework. bila dah habis, lapangnya fikiran. so now, after study..what is the next plan?
a) work
b) sambung study to the higher level
c) chill dulu..(hehe)
d) nikah (waaahh..)

these plants pasti in everybody's mind right? juz choose which is da best for us. everyone pasti choices dia lain2 n they have their own reasons. yg nak continue study terus, good 4 u n hoping for da best. yang nak chill dulu, boleh je. but must have at least one back up plan. dont chill until u waste all your time doing nothing. n yang nak bernikah tu, mabruk! sangat2 best bcoz bernikah boleh membuka pintu2 rezeki.

personally for me, i really hoping to work first. rasa macam dah banyak sangat duit parents keluar bcoz of me and i think this time i need to start working n pay for my own studies. and then, i try to involved in teaching field.. teaching brings up so much barakah n i really want it so badly. during this free time (after study and before work), plan betul2 n hopefully plan yang dekatkan diri kita dengan Allah. everything must bcoz of Him. for example, enhance your Quran session, hafalan surah2, amalan2 sunat, berbaik sesama jiran, bersedekah, eratkan ikatan silaturrahim dan banyakkan bacaan. how beautiful dat is? when your spare time you spend most for the remembrance of Allah.

what ever the choice is, do it for Him. n everything will be fine. have faith in Him, He will bring the best for u :)